Monday, May 08, 2006

Anime Convention

Just one month ago I was at this same hotel and convention center for the IQF Chicago quilt show. What a difference this show was. The cosplay (dressing up as anime/manga or video game characters) made for some great people watching. I recognized only a few characters, my kids recognized all of them.

Nina and her girlfriend Ruby walked around the convention carrying their japanese ball jointed dolls and ran into many other collectors also carrying their dolls. One girl even had a life size doll that was pushed around on a dolly (is that why it is called a dolly?).

Abby did wonderfully in her bag, with a few short walks outside to smell the flowers and a nap in my lap during some downtime. She kept her head out above the rim of the bag at all times sniffing and people watching. She got lots of attention and seemed to enjoy the whole thing.


  1. Thanks for explaining this to a parent with really old children. We saw these "characters" walking near the convention center on Friday. I thought of stopping in out of curiostiy. But then I realized that I would have felt as out of place as they would have felt at a quilt convention.

  2. The bad thing is that I can tell you is the guy in red is Kratos of the God of War video game and the guys with the weird headgear is the King in Katamari Damancy--another videogame. My sister and I play video games together when I'm not quilting or writing, LOL!


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