Thursday, April 20, 2006

Health Pill

Tuesday night my friend Michele "Mookie" Pusateri picked me up for a dinner of mole enchiladas at one of my favorite mexican restaruants called La Cabanita, before meeting with my old art quilt group. It was so wonderful to see them and see the work they have been doing. Michele suprised me with the gift of a felted health pill to help me through all of my recent medical issues. What a sweetie. Everyday i am feeling so much better, more like my old self. What a differnce a little synthetic hormone can make. I am starting to feel so much more energized to start working again.

Yesterday we went to Little Tokyo to the book store and the japanese grocery. I needed to restock my Genmai cha (roasted brown rice green tea) and instant ginger tea supply. It is so sunny and pretty here with all the flowers and trees blooming. Chicago was just starting to show signs of spring when we left.

1 comment:

  1. love the health pill!!
    continued good health to you and your family...


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