Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Artella Magazine

My sister Deb is second in command for a cool magazine called Artella this is a really unique publication. They bring writers and artists together in collaboration to make a full color magazine that includes tipped in photos, coins, and stamps scattered through out the magazine to be used in your own collages. There is also a full page of vintage imagery that can be used for collage work as well. This issue came with a small gorgeous package of handmade papers from Nepal. I have never seen a magazine with so much special care taken to produce. There is no advertising in this magazine what so ever. it is amazing that Marney has been able to keep pulling this off. This issue has 3 or 4 pieces by art quilters (including one of mine). The Artella website has so much to explore including a store for lots of fun things you can purchase for those ATC's, artist journals and altered book making. Artella also hosts some pretty cool ATC swaps and once a year an awesome creativity retreat to really get you inspired. One more amazing thing about this publication, all its creators live in different states, the whole thing is done by internet and phone communication.


  1. I love Artella. The issue Dreamworld was out of this world wondrful

  2. I had some art quilts in the last issue. I need to submit some new artwork. I agree... it's an amazing publication.


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