Monday, September 26, 2005


We close on our house in 16 days. I am procrastinating. I realize I really should start packing stuff I don't want movers to pack. So saturday night I pulled out a box and started to pack it with jars of dye. Next thing I knew I was pulling jars back out of the box, mixing dyes, hanging soda ash soaked fabric on a peice of twine strung between my shelving and a cupboard, and pouring dye over it. This was much more fun than packing. I have now dyed about 12 yards of fabric this way. I guess I really do need to get serious and start packing the studio.


  1. wot! Yummy fabrics! You have to keep SOME stuff out to be creativwe with, or you'll go MAD!

  2. Gorgeous fabrics!!
    WAY more fun than packing. ;-)

  3. GirlFriend!!!
    U R Crazy.... use it up so you dont have to pack it...


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